Meera for Mumbai

Meet Meera

Experienced banker for 30 years. Former CEO and Chairperson of Royal Bank of  Scotland, India who relinquished her job, to devote herself full time to the service of our country.

Active citizen of Mumbai : AAP Candidate for Mumbai South in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections & Independent candidate for 2009 Lok Sabha elections from the same constituency

Woman leader: recognized globally for her work in empowering over 650,000 rural women through Microfinance and for providing livelihood assistance and entrepreneurial training to 75,000 impoverished women in tribal and forest areas.

Corporate Leader: Member National Councils FICCI, CII, Board member Pradan, Right to Play, LiberalsIndia for Good Governance

Rank holder from Bombay University, studied Management at IIM Calcutta, INSEAD and Harvard Business School.


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  • Meera for Mumbai :D

    Dear Shri Jaitley ,

    Come Feb 2015 and you will present your Budget in Lok Sabha
    You will allocate thousands of crores of rupees to different ministries , for spending during 2015-16
    You may even increase / decrease their allocations based on , to what extent ( % ) did they manage to actually " spend " their current year’s allocations
    The one and only emphasis is on " spending " !
    As usual , no MP will ask :
    " But , what exactly did the Minister concerned achieve by spending this money ?
    What physical / measureable targets did the Minister succeed in reaching / exceeding , with that money ? Where / What are the OUTPUTS ?
    Why is it that no targets were set in advance , before the start of the year ?
    How come , Minister was allowed to shoot first and then draw concentric circles around the hole afterwards ( at the end of the year ) , to claim BULL’S EYE ? "

    In private sector , shareholders / bankers do not hesitate to sack the CMD / MD / CEO , if he fails to deliver on promised profit
    Then , why are Ministers allowed to retain their posts ( – or even get kicked upstairs ! ), despite failing to deliver ?

    Dear Shri Jaitley :

    MPs should know that YOU cannot answer these questions , simply because , at the time of the Budget Exercise , no physical OUTPUTS got fixed for each Minister
    What did get fixed , were only EXPENDITURE TARGETS !
    Simply because MPs passed the Budget without fixing targets such as following for 31 March 2015 :
    • Finance Minister
    > GDP ….. 6 % ………… [ 10 % improvement ] > CAD…….( – ) 5 % …..[ 20 % improvement ]
    • Commerce Minister
    > Exports…….. $ 350 Billion …. [ 10 % improvement ] > FDI…………..$ 50 Billion…… [ 20 % improvement ]
    • Railway Minister
    > Lengths of Tracks…… 125,000 Km….. [ Up by 10 % ] > No of Passenger Trains / day….. 10,000… [ Up by 10 % ]
    • Health Minister
    > Chronic Hunger and Hunger Related Deaths 8 Million / year ……………………………… [ Down by 20 % ] > Under-nourished people….. 200 million….. [ Down by 10 % ]
    • Social Welfare Minister
    > Dowery Deaths / year……. 8,000…… ……[ Down by 10 % ] > People without Toilets…….. 500 Million…. [ Down by 20 % ]
    • Agriculture Minister
    > Farmers Suicide/ year….. .. 14,000…………… [ Down by 20 % ] > Food Grain rotting / year….. 5 Million tons….. [ Down by 20 % ]

    So on and so forth for each Minister

    Some caution / suggestions :
    • Ignore the numbers given above. I could be factually wrong
    • Focus on the concept of " Management by Objectives "
    • Actual vs Targeted achievements must be measured , on an ongoing
      basis , by totally independent THIRD PARTY agencies
      Ministers / Finance Minister and these Agencies , must agree in advance , how the
      Agencies will go about " measuring " the Actual Achievements
      The method of measurement must be transparent and well publicized
      in advance
      Agencies shall have no role in fixing of Annual Targets
      That is best done by the Prime Minister – the CEO , MakeInIndia
    • There must be at least 10 performance parameters for each Minister
    • Parameters themselves could be selected / prioritized , based on an
      ONLINE PUBLIC SURVEY / OPINION POLL , from Govt web site
    • If conducting such an ONLINE POLL for the forthcoming budget is
      too late , same could be done on a printed form , by current MPs /
      MLAs / Rajya Sabha Members
    • Results of the SURVEY / POLL , must be published

    I hope readers of this blog will contribute by passing on this message to

    > all of their friends / relatives / acquaintances / colleagues
    > as many legislators whose email IDs they can find
    > to Shri Jaitley ( / )
    > Everyone in their CONTACT list


    > request them to look it up on…

    Somehow , we must bring pressure on Lok Sabha Members , NOT to approve the forthcoming budget , unless TARGETS are set in advance
    • hemen parekh / 06 Dec 2014
  • Mam
    Saw you first time in newsx debate.
    Please you dont belong to your present party.If you really like politics join a genuine political party.
  • Meera ji, This is the best and Greet idea.
    आम आदमी पार्टी झिन्दाबाद।
    झिन्दाबाद !झिन्दाबाद ! भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी आंदोलन के महानायक अरविंद केजरीवालजी झिन्दाबाद !
  • From: Shiv Shankar Damani
    A-2, Refinery View Chs Ltd 62/63, Maroli Church Road,Chembur,Mumbai-400074.India , Cell no: 9833079740

    Subject:-Till Today No Action has been Taken against any Govt dept & Competent Authority against illegal Managing Committee of Redevelopment Project Scam of Refinery View CHS Ltd, by Black Listed Builders of Supreme Court & BMC Mumbai. Patel Engineering Ltd , Plot no 62/63,Maroli Church R C Marg,Chembur,Mumbai-400074.
    Respected Madam,
    We have lodged complaints with Honorable President of India/ Vice President of India & Chief Minister of Maharashtra / Chief Secretary Co-operation RajgopalDevara / Chief Secretary Maharashtra Government /Principal Secretary Urban Development Maharashtra/ Urban Development III, Urban department NAV 21 &Dy Registrar-M-Ward KonkanBhavan, CBD,Bealpur,Navi Mumbai /AddlRegsitrarDrKhandagale, Co-op Societies Pune,/ BMC Commissioner / Chief Engineer Development Planning -BMC/. Dy Executive Engineer Building proposal M-ward,& Mumbai Police Commissioner & Various other Government Authorities

    Till today no action has been taken by any Government Department & Competent Authority against the illegalities and violations of State Laws /Co-op Laws /BMC notification and directives committed by the illegal Managing Committee .The committee has been declared as illegal from 1.05.2012 by the Dy registrar M-Ward &Addl Registrar Dr P K Khandagale- Pune ,Co-op Societies

    The State Governments have framed Rules and Regulations and have issued guidelines and procedures that have to be sincerely followed In the process of Redevelopment project.
    State Laws and Cooperative Laws and BMCNotification and Directives has to be followed in True spirit.
    In the Redevelopment Project of Refinery View ChsLtd 62/63, MaroliChurch Road,Chembur,Mumbai-400074. All the state Laws and Co-operatives Laws and BMCNotification and Directives have been thrown to DUSTBIN by the present 7 members illegal M.C.
    The present 7 members Managing Committee is Caretaker MC from 09.6.2013.
    The 5 year term of this Managing Committee Expired 08.6.2013.
    Till date No Election in the Society has been conducted.

    There is State Government guidelines on the functioning of such MC whereby such MC cannot proceed on Redevelopment issue.
    The present Managing Committee is an illegal Managing Committee officially declared as having violated sec 129 of MSC Act 1960 by Dy registrar M -Ward KonkanBhavan and AddlRegistrarDr P Khandagale Pune from 01.5.2012.
    This Managing Committee does not believe in honoring the Registrar order.
    The present illegal Managing Committee signed and registered tainted and doctored and altered developmentAgreement on redevelopment on 10.7.2012
    The present illegal Managing Committee has totally violated the terms and conditions of the signed and accepted tender documents of Supreme Court of India Blacklisted company Patel Eng ltd .
    The present illegal Managing Committee has got approved the ruinous and destructive society plan on 18.01.2014 at ChemburGymkhana.
    The approval to Builder Patel Eng Ltd based on their offer as per the tender submitted by them in the presence of officer Mr..Yellary from the office of DyRegistrar M-ward was given on 7.5.2011.
    The Tainted and doctored and tempered D.A was signed and registered by the present illegal MC on 10.7.2012
    The ruinous and destructive Society plan was got approved on 18.01.2014 at Chembur Gymkhana.
    Section 79 (A) of MSC Act 1960 has been successfully violated .
    There are glaring Illegalities and Violations as detailed below.
    1In the signed DA the society plot area mentioned is 4425 Sqmtrs and 4119 Sqmtrs.
    In the plan passed the society plot area is reduced to 3792 SqmtrsShocking and surprising
    2 In the signed and registered DA the members of Society Members and shareholders is 77 (seventy seven) and there are 2 (Two) Shops. Total 79 Society members.
    In the plan passed on 18.01.2014 the number of Society Members and shareholders has mysteriously and suspiciously increased to 81 (Eighty one)
    This 7 members illegal MC in the DA signed by them has given to the BlacklistedBuilder-Irrevocable License and Irrevocable Power of attorney. In such a case what is our safety security under the state laws.
    There is no provision on this issue under Sec 79 (A) of MSC Act 1960 it is violation of state laws and corporate laws
    In the tainted and doctored and tempered and altered DA there is nowhere any mention of the benefit of 35% free fungible FSI available to Society Members.
    This benefit of free fungible FSI of 35 % has been swallowed and siphoned by the violations?
    In the Plan that has got approved there is no mention of extra Area of 25% that has to be given to Society Members. as committed by the builder ion their Tender Document.
    This benefit of extra area of 25% is Swallowed and Siphoned by the Violators?
    In the signed and registered DA the total area that will be given to the SocietyMembers is 53325 Sqft.
    In the approved planthetotal area that will be given to the 81 members is 56310Sqft.Total of 81 Tenants.
    The total benefit of road set back area been gifted to the blacklistedbuilder PatelEng Ltd Based on thedocumentary evidencecomplaints on this Redevelopment Project Scam have been lodged against 7 members MC and PMC and advocate and the arbitrator with various Government Authorities and also to the Honorable Chief Minister and Principal Secretary and Urban Development and Building Proposal Department.
    Departmental investigation orders has been issued we also request you to secretary investigate this legal crime and financial FRAUD.
    Sir we hope you will not be an irresponsible legal government authority by supporting and approving these flagrant and glaring illegalities and violations of the various state laws.
    We hope you will not support and approve the creation of other CAMPA COLO COMPOUND case.
    We hope you will not support and approve this breach of faith and Trust against the Society Members.
    Kindly acknowledge this letter.
    Thanking you,

    ShivShankar Damani
    Note: Till NO Architect has beenappointed for the Redevelopment Project
    Till date NO GBM held to discuss the DA.
    Till date No Feasibility report on the society plan has been send to society members.
    Till Date No Advocate represents the remaining society members.
    Till date No Certified copy on the process of redevelopment by PMC and Advocate and Architect Arbitrator and MC. Have been send to society members
    Till date No Transparency at all.
    There is Total breach of faith and trust.
    CC Copies:-
    The Justice S.R.Bannurmath, Chairman Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission
    The Deck Officer Urban Development –NAV-21
    Shri Manu Kumar Srivastava Principal Secretary Urban Development (I)
    Shri RajagopalDevara Secretary Co-operation
    Shri HarshwardhanShahajiraoPatil Co-operation and Parliamentary Affairs
    Shri J. S. Saharia – Chief Secretary of Maharashtra State
    Dr. P. S. Meena Social Development Coordination (GAD)
    Special Enquiry Officer-2 – Admin Reform O & M (Addl. Charge)
    Shri A. K. Jain Additional Chief Secretary – Chief Minister Office
    Shri Ashish Kumar Singh Principal Secretary Chief Minister Office
    Shri VinitAgarwal Secretary(Special) Home Department of Maharashtra State
    Dr P Khandagle- Addl.Registrar Co-op Housing Societies. – Pune
    The Divisional Joint Registrar, of Co-operative Societies (Malthora House)
    Shri Vijay Nahata Divisional Commissioners (Konkan Division) Maharashtra Government
    Mr.Shreekant Singh – Principal Secretary Special Project-Urban development.
    The Hon’ble.Chief Minister of Maharashtra State.
    Honb’le.Dy.Chief Minister of Maharashtra State.
    The Law Officer Maharashtra State.
    The Law Officer
    Shri.Rajesh S Kukunoor Chief Engineer ( Development Planning) MCGM
    The Chief Officer – Enquire Department – MCGM
    The Executive Engineer- Building proposal Department- M Ward ( MCGM)
    The Vigilance Officer- Building Proposal Department M-Ward
    Shri.D M Phase Chief Engineer Vigilance –MCGM
    The Dy.Vigilance Officer Special Duty – MCGM
    The Asst Municipal Commissioner – M-Ward (MCGM)
    Shri R D Shinde Social Secretary Justice, Special Assistance Maharashtra
    Shri H. B. Patel. (Secretary) Law & Judiciary- Maharashtra Government .
    Shri.V.K.Sharma Joint Secretary (Admn), Min. of Urban Development.
    Sri.SitaramKunte – Municipal Commissioner- MCGM
    The Dy .Registrar- M-Ward,KonkanBhavan,CBD,Navi Mumbai.
    The Ward Officer M Ward BMC.
  • SOS help help help Not another Campa Cola Building we sent several letters – CHE/ws/1250/k/337 we sent several letters to all Maharashtra Govt. Departments from Co operative housing society , Urban Development, BMC Head Sitaram Kunteji, Building proposal Department Bandra, Assistant commissioner KEast ward BMC But no reply from them Yet. Help Help Help

    We are members of this society and developer has submitted the plan without our consent and there is clear violation of Govt Directive and Maharashtra Govt. new DCR.

    1) Loss of stamp Duty income of govt maharashtra by the Developer by not calculating fungible FSI Premium Charges while paying stamp duty on 25th april 2013 at bandra andheri -4.

    2) Loss of 17 Crs. Rupees to Kulswamini CHSL members. Where Developer is swallowing the existing society member’s benefit of TDR FSI 30% and giving the free premium fungible FSI benefit of 21%.There is balance extra FSI of 1750 Sq feet of the society that benefit is also not getting to the society members. From year 1985 letter by Town planning department. Ref No:ARB/VP V/OP455/393 Dated 26/4/1982 Form 5. This is also 8 cr. rupees loss to Society members.

    3) Credibility of the developer. – 3 years Balance sheet of Developer i.e. Vastu Developer and references of work which he has done for redevelopment of Housing society earlier. Our society committee members are not giving us this information’s We have to have work references of the developer in writing. This is also our right to know the builder work. Before giving anything We request you to give us this information from the developer so we can be safeguarded. Coz its our life earned money.The developer must be told to give his offer of the cooperative societies where he has undertaken redevelopment work with the information as (a) Date of offer , (b) Area constructed , © Date of Acceptance of offer (d) Date of receipt of IOD (e) Date on which the last member vacated the premises ,(f) Date of receipt of occupation certificate (g) Date of receipt of the building completion certificate ,(h) Income Tax return of developer and his partners, directors

    4) In Development agreement it is mentioned in clause F and G i.e PMC and society short listed the offers by examining the background (No Back ground of Developer as he has not Constructed any Building in his entire life. Do give us the 3 written References of work done) , Financial ability ( Kindly submit 3 years balance sheet to understand financial ability which we have asked but till date they have not submitted to all members ) Previous record and commitment to use standard materials. which they have not submitted any documents to us which shows the credibility of the developer as a member we have right to have this information before committing on anything and after that we have found out from online building proposal department and got the building proposed plan where developer is giving only 9% benefit of TDR FSI and about 21 % Fungible Benefit to existing member i.e (Free premium to existing members).

    5) We are 15 members society. Out of which 5 are committee members. 2 members are out of India. 4 members are challenging about the fraud happened in society for 17 Crs. Balance 5 members are senior citizens.

    It has also been noticed that Developers, due to sudden liquidity crunch or improper planning, drop the project half way or the project is badly staggered and the paucity is worst affected to the members of the Society for long, may be years. Such Builders stop the further payment of rent for the alternate accommodation hired by the members or offer any monitory compensation for the delayed period.

    The members, at later date face the financial vulnerability due to such breach of trust and unfair trade practices by the Developer. It has been often noticed that during the process of redevelopment, the terms of Development Agreements as agreed upon, are later twisted and grossly violated by the Developers and the ground rules of MRTP and DCR by unlawful planning are flouted. We hear by request you to insist a revised redevelopment agreement CHE/WS/1250/K/337 file number for building proposal and to give us our TDR FSI benefit of 30% extra carpet area. To have bank guarantee of 70% of constructions cost.

    We sent several letters and complains regarding cheating and not giving us our own 30 % extra carpet area of TDR FSI benefit which is mentioned in the Development agreement which we have downloaded from the MCGM website. Pls. don’t make another CAMPA COLA BUILDING case. File no. CHE/WS/1250/K/337 building proposal department.

    Kindly do look in to this matter and set up the inquiry with the PMC. Project Management Consultant of society and project management consultant from our side in front of all members to save 9cr rupees benefit to all members. We request the cooperative Society department i.e dy registrar to hire the Auditor (we will Pay the fees) to audit all the transactions happened for the Redevelopment of Kulswamini CHSL.

    Best regards

    For Mahesh Upadhyay

    Sandeep upadhyay
    CA to Mahesh Upadhyay.Flat no 5 Shree Kripa bldg., Kulswamini Co Operative Housing society,Gujarati mandal cross road,Vileparle east,Mumbai57 Call 09324470001

    Proposed Redevelopment of Kulswamini CHSL building on plot number CTS 1514. Developer is not following the Development agreement 30% extra Space Benefit of TDR FSI but In the plan submitted later on 18th march 2014 the developer is giving 21% fungible area (Free Premium) + 9% carpet area, thus not giving us the promised 30 % extra carpet of TDR FSI Benefit.
    Ref: CHE/WS/1250/K/337 Division / Village. : Vile Parle, TP Scheme. CS No./ CTS No. : F.P. 465.
    Architect / LE / SE Name
    Applicant Name

    Shri.Prasad Deorokhkar Prop. Shri Vaastu Promoters & Developers C.A. to Kulswamini CHSL 5, Vishwanjali, Vakola Market Road, Santacruze East, Mumbai-58 Call- 09820070327

    We request you to look into this matter for not to have another Campa Cola Building issue. This is breach of faith and Trust against the Society Members.

    We hear by also request you to insist a revised redevelopment agreement to this effect before approving the plans.

    We are members of this society and developer has submitted the plan without our consent.

    We have sent letters to Bmc building proposal department bandra but still no reply from their side.

    We request you to set up the inquiry for the same.

    Kindly acknowledge this letter. Documents can be downloaded from the MCGM website URL.

    NOC Co Operative Society Department KEast Ward.
    Rajgopal Deora Principal Secretary Co-operation 22025283 Ext 3514 Fax 22023909 9423785900 sec_coop&

    Sandeep Deshmukh

    Shri. Subhash Patil
    Mumbai City – 3

    NOC from Municipal Corporation: Ref File number CHE/WS/1250/K/337
    Sitaram Kunte Municipal Commissioner 22620525 22620251 Ext 3109
    22655927 22081893 23517171 23517777 9167001100
    K V Acharekar DMC (Z – III) (H/E, H/W, K/E) 26823453 Ext 401 26832466 9820074373
    U V Solapurkar DMC (Vigilance) 22620251 Ext 2560 22620972 Fax 28677259 9833095486
    N P Ghotge Municipal Architect 9987031058
    J S Ghadge Vigilance Officer (Special Duty) 22620312 (Ext 3106) 22618816 9833578931
    S P Mistry Dy Chief Engineer W. Sub. (SWD) 26840177 26840177 25825435 25363858 9820141286 8879329213
    R L Nagrale Exec Engineer, City W Sub (SWD) Z III 23015817 26840177 9820079118

    Our file Number is CHE/WS/1250/K/337

    Contacts to call and to check with them Directly:

    Building Proposal Department.
    Western Suburbs (located at Bandra)
    Deputy Chief Engineer (Building Proposal) W.S., Ex.Eng.(B.P.) K/E & P and his
    subordinate staff except Executive Engineer (B.P.) P&R Ward and his subordinate staff functions from his office. Telephone No.26421271/26421277

    Chief Engineer (Development Plan) – Head Office
    Telephone No. 22620075. Chief Engineer (D.P.) visits zonal offices once a week.
    Director (E.S. & P.) – Head Office
    Telephone No. 22621387 Municipal Commissioner – Head Office

    Telephone No. 22620525

    Nowadays developers are cheating on Fungible FSI benefit to the Cooperative housing society members. By threatening them about dilapidated building with C1 category and if members are not ready then they try to demolish the building with the help of BMC.

    Committee members are not following govt directive like PMC report and other major things which are responsible for the benefit of the society and then matter goes in the litigation and then court and then it goes on and on.

    There should be standard follow up with the Municipal building proposal Department who check the bifurcation of Fungible FSI to members as per development agreement and TDR FSI Benefit to the members. (This should be must in all the development agreement happens. So no cheating can happens.

    Govt people say that they are not arbitrators. So many proposals come daily what they will check.
    Govt people has to take action on the committee members who are not maintaining their property.

    Or Every Year each society has to upload their health check of building to the cooperative society. About the painting of the building about fire department NOC and dengue and malaria free housing society.

    This is to make sure everything goes smooth in their region. And they can send letters to the society and give guidance to upload the report on the net how we upload VAT report online. (Maharashtra Sales Tax).

    We are doing our part and i am taking the initiative.
    We are not against the redevelopment. We are with redevelopment.
  • Supreme Court has ordered some residents of Campa-Cola building in Mumbai to vacate their " illegal " flats
    And asked Municipality to demolish these flats

    Even though , the residents

    > purchased these flats with their hard-earned , white money

    > paid registration fees / stamp duty / Municipal taxes / water bills / electricity charges etc for 30 years

    What was their crime ?

    They were ignorant of the criminal conspiracy between the builder , corrupt municipal officers and quite possibly , equally corrupt Govt officers

    And don’t rule out the Most Corrupt of them all

    The politicians !

    For this " ignorance " , the residents must now sleep on the footpath with their children and elders

    Supreme Court says , " Ignorance is no excuse in law "

    On the other hand , 53 Ministers of UPA-2 government , are continuing to occupy their Government-allotted bungalows in Delhi , even after ceasing to be Ministers

    Many are no more , even MPs !

    Some continue to occupy their bungalows , months and even years after ceasing to be Minister/MP !

    Take Buta Singh , who ceased to be a Minister 18 years ago !

    He refuses to vacate , for " Security " reasons !

    Or take Lalu Yadav , who will not vacate , since his wife Rabri Devi is undergoing medical treatment at AIMS !

    Now , make no mistake

    They are NOT ignorant of the government rule that says , they must vacate their bungalows within ONE month of leaving office !

    Residents of Campa Cola building – and millions of Mumbai-Citizens , living in thousands of similar " illegal " buildings , are asking :

    Why this Double Standard ?

    Why cannot Supreme Court take Suo-Moto cognizance of 53 illegal occupants – but
    knowledgeable – Ministers and issue them notice to vacate ?

    Will Venkaiyyah Naidu , show some intestinal fortitude ( aka " Guts " ) and throw them out on 26th June , when their extended Notice Period expires ?
    • hemen parekh ( 17 June 2014 / Mumbai )
  • MBAs All !

    NaMo wants them all to be MBAs

    Whether they are,
    • MPs ( 282 of BJP )
    • Ministers ( 45 of NDA-2 )
    • Minions ( 72 Govt Secretaries )

    He wants them all to be MBAs

    ie : Modi-fied Business Administrators

    And , NaMo is the Dean of this unique Management College , where , he personally conducts classes and tells them ,
    • Think Out-of-the-Box
    • Take bold – but honest – decisions
    • Act fast and clear all files within 4 days
    • Shun media
    • Avoid airing views / opinions on sundry matters
    • Contact him directly ( by phone/email ) for clarifications
    • Co-ordinate among themselves ( without GoM / E-GoM )
    • Go out in the field and listen to people
    • 100 % attendance in Lok Sabha – when in session
    • 100 % absence from Delhi – when LS is in recess
      { Go , visit your constituencies }
    • Don’t hire friends / relatives
    • Read carefully before signing any recommendation letter

    God gave Moses , 10 Commandments

    Janata has given Modi , 12 Commandments
    • hemen parekh ( 09 June 2014 / Mumbai )
  • Urban Renewal ?

    An important aspect of urban renewal is to get rid of slums , by resettling slum-dwellers in better houses

    Then convert those vacated slum areas into gardens

    But slum-dwellers are unwilling to vacate their huts . Why ?

    Over the past 25 / 30 years , the standard method was to move the slum-dwellers into some temporary , make-shift transit camps , pending permanent rehabilitation

    But that promised " permanent rehabilitation " never came !

    Those who agreed to get shifted into those transit camps , continue to live there for generations – without any hope of ever moving into multi-story concrete buildings with running water / electricity / toilets

    Given this broken promises , who would agree to shift out ?

    Second problem is availability of jobs nearby where they are forced to move – even if these buildings happen to be well-built , modern and permanent multi-storied buildings

    Who would want to move to a better / permanent house , if it is 30 Km away from a work-place ?

    No one wants to spend 4 hours on the road every day , commuting to a place of work in dense traffic , riding a crowded bus / train !

    But most slum-dwellers would happily vacate their slums and move 150 Km away , if ,
    • It is a well built building with all amenities
    • It is a permanent home ( – and not a transit facility )
    • It is given FREE , on ownership basis
    • There is a job within 1 Km of the new home

    This is exactly what China is doing , by building ONE brand new Mega City , EVERY 20 DAYS !

    And moving 250 million slum-dwellers into those cities over the next 20 years ( – nearly ONE MILLION people , EVERY MONTH ! )

    May be this is what NaMo was thinking when he dreamt of constructing 100 Mega Cities in next 5 years – at the rate of ONE city EVERY 18 DAYS !

    OLD cities cannot " Re-new " themselves , until well-planned NEW cities are built first and ready to receive those old city slum-dwellers and offer them jobs

    Only problem :
    • Mega City of Dholera ( in Gujarat ) is under construction for over last 3
      years and expected to cost , Rs 70,000 Crores
    • Central Government has neither the money needed to construct 100 cities,
      nor the administrative / technical competence for such a project
    • Democratic Institutions are un-suited for taking bold / harsh /
      controversial decisions – then bulldoze !

    It seems urban renewal will remain a mirage !
    • hemen parekh ( 05 June 2014 / Mumbai 0
  • i am an electrical & electronics engineer from MIT Manipal(1997 batch). i have worked in the corporate industry for 17 years and have lived in USA , UK for 8 years. I am so surprised as we all talk about development . Development has been happening in our country since last 30 years. but with it corruption, scams, etc are happening more. and it is more prevalent in the corporate industry. How many people will you put behind bar.? how CBI cases can be filed.? How many cout cases you will file? The one answer which we all miss and have completely forgotten is morality . my initiative on this is . With being rich we have forgotten to be GOD rich . Please contribute your views and ideas to my idea where I just want good for my country which has given me the intellect and wisdom to write on my topic.
  • 1 down ; 259 to go !

    NaMo requested voters to give him 60 months ( against 60 years , they gave to Congress )

    That is 260 weeks

    What did he achieve in the FIRST week ?
    • Formed a small / compact Cabinet
    • Constituted SIT to look into Black Money issue
    • Issued TEN COMMANDMENTS of Good Governance
    • Told MPs / Ministers , not to appoint relatives
    • Phoned MP Priyanka to remove her father as her " Representative "
    • Asked all Ministers to prepare " 100 Days Action Plan "
    • Issued " Performance Appraisal Formula " for Ministers
    • Abolished 30 GoM / E-GoM
    • Invited SAARC heads-of-States to swearing-in ceremony
    • Started dialogue with Pakistan
    • Talked to Obama / Li Keqiang / Abe
    • Met Jaylalitha / Naneen Patnaik
    • Alloted Rs 1 Lakh Crores for toilets

    Well begun , Narendrabhai !

    You get 90 marks out of 100 ( Very Good )

    Will next week get you 100 out of 100 ? ( Excellent )
    • hemen parekh ( 04 June 2014 / Mumbai )
  • White Holes of Black Money ?

    Astrophysicists say , even light cannot escape a black hole

    Closer at home in India , even the most stringent laws have not stopped the Indians from siphoning out their undeclared income to secret bank accounts in 40 odd Tax-Haven nations – the White Holes of Black Money !

    Depending upon your source , the amount varies from Rs 25 lakh Crores to Rs 90 lakh Crores

    The exact / actual amount is itself , irrelevant

    What matters is :
    • In those foreign banks , there are lakhs of " Secret / Password-protected " bank accounts , belonging to Indians
    • Those countries are refusing to divulge these accounts to Indian Government, under some or other International Law / Convention
    • India has no extra-judicial influence over these countries to force them
    • Economies of these countries do not depend upon trade with India
      These economies depend upon those secret accounts !

    Of late , some people have suggested passing yet another law to declare all such black monies, illegally stashed abroad , as " National Property "

    Sure ! Can be passed in BJP controlled Lok Sabha in 4 hours !

    Like all previous laws , that won’t make any difference

    In the meantime , let SIT debate and deliberate and dither , for ever !

    No harm in persevering , even as those Rs 90 lakh Crores become Rs 900 lakh Crores !

    Do our Politicians / Babus / Janata , realize that the only persons who can – and will – bring back those black monies , are those account holders ?

    Do we realize that human greed is cleverer than those laws ?

    Do we understand that no one wants to pay increasing amount of Income Tax , with each higher slab ?

    Do we appreciate that our present taxation system ( of higher tax rates , with rising income ) , prevents people from declaring all of their incomes ?

    Why work harder to earn higher income , only to hand over that income to government – who will distribute it , by way of salaries to the bureaucracy ?

    Do we know that our present Tax Regime penalizes honest tax payers and discourages wealth – creation ?

    Do we understand that this Tax Regime , diverts funds into unproductive assets ( eg: Land / Gold etc ) – funds , which are badly needed for nation-building ?

    Will Mr Arun Jaitly have courage to implement following ?
    Where one pays DECREASING , incremental tax , with each higher slab of income. This will encourage full declaration of all income and remove incentive to hide income . People will insist upon receiving all payments by cheques . " Reverse Hawaala " system ( converting black money to white money ) will , soon eliminate parallel economy !
    Where no questions will be asked as to the source of declared black money , if that money is invested in Government-Approved Infrastructure SPVs . Dividends / interests from such investments will be free from Income Tax for 15 years . Infrastructure should also include , Education, Health-care , Sanitation etc

    Dear Narendrabhai ,

    Applying this ( mildly " Out -of – Box " ) thinking , you can raise Rs 1000
    Lakh Crores , and build those 100 Mega-Cities and create those 100 million
    • hemen parekh ( 04 June 2014 / Mumbai )
  • NaMo had no choice

    On 26 May , NaMo assumed office

    On 27 May , he appointed a committee to look into the issue of Black Money

    He had no choice , since Supreme Court had given Central Government , time till 28th May to appoint a SIT ( Special Investigation Team )

    NaMo did this despite his firm belief that ,

    " Governments appoint committees when they want to postpone taking unpopular / unpleasant decisions "

    [ Eg : Issue of KG gas price rise ? ]

    How else can you explain a 8 member committee of the Senior-most bureaucrats , without ,

    > a clear mandate / terms of reference

    > a firm target date

    > power to take decisions , which are binding on the government

    > accountability for failure to achieve its objectives

    NaMo knows too well that ,

    > Committees only make " Recommendations "

    > Their foremost recommendation is invariably , to appoint another follow-
    up committee , to examine their original recommendations !

    > Committees rarely meet . When they do , they do so without a clear
    agenda . Only decision that gets taken is fixing the date for the next

    > Other names by which committees are well known are ,
    • Come – Meet – Tea
    • Procrastination Incarnate

    > Committees have no power / authority , to instruct Government Officers
    to act " as directed "

    > When questioned in Lok Sabha , concerned Minister can get away for
    inaction by saying , " Committee report is awaited "

    > For the members , being on a committee is a status symbol

    > For retired officers , committees are a source of some income

    > A committee is a " Mutual Admiration Society " – where members never
    tire of patting each other’s backs

    > Committee Members love to hear their own voices

    > Committees are never held accountable for failing to achieve anything
    concrete / tangible

    But when NaMo had a choice , yesterday , he abolished 30 GoM / E-GoM

    NaMo does not tolerate a culture of buck-passing

    He cannot suffer nincompoops !

    He is telling his Ministers ,

    " Shape up or Ship out "
    • hemen parekh ( 01 June 2014 / Mumbai )
  • Sorry…not sure why this got posted so many times :(
  • Sorry…not sure why this got posted so many times :(
  • Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!

    Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!But, please do not focus on AAP’s victimization in your door to door campaigns!! People don’t listen to the woes of their own near and dear. Assuming that they are going to listen to AAP’s woes would be a gross miscalculation. Please limit the door to door campaigning on just the positives of AAP and what AAP can do if brought to power. It needs to be understood that the nation is basking in the success of Modi in recent elections and expecting the nation to listen to AAP’s moaning would be a miscalculation.

    Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!But, please do not focus on AAP’s victimization in your door to door campaigns!! People don’t listen to the woes of their own near and dear. Assuming that they are going to listen to AAP’s woes would be a gross miscalculation. Please limit the door to door campaigning on just the positives of AAP and what AAP can do if brought to power. It needs to be understood that the nation is basking in the success of Modi in recent elections and expecting the nation to listen to AAP’s moaning would be a miscalculation.To hell with the wrongs other parties are doing.

    Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!But, please do not focus on AAP’s victimization in your door to door campaigns!! People don’t listen to the woes of their own near and dear. Assuming that they are going to listen to AAP’s woes would be a gross miscalculation. Please limit the door to door campaigning on just the positives of AAP and what AAP can do if brought to power. It needs to be understood that the nation is basking in the success of Modi in recent elections and expecting the nation to listen to AAP’s moaning would be a miscalculation.To hell with the wrongs other parties are doing.We need AAP in power for at least an Year and then AAP can start unleashing governance reforms to make the establishment corruption free.

    Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!But, please do not focus on AAP’s victimization in your door to door campaigns!! People don’t listen to the woes of their own near and dear. Assuming that they are going to listen to AAP’s woes would be a gross miscalculation. Please limit the door to door campaigning on just the positives of AAP and what AAP can do if brought to power. It needs to be understood that the nation is basking in the success of Modi in recent elections and expecting the nation to listen to AAP’s moaning would be a miscalculation.To hell with the wrongs other parties are doing.We need AAP in power for at least an Year and then AAP can start unleashing governance reforms to make the establishment corruption free.Fact of the day is that people will only buy development dreams and no one has time and patience to lend an ear to cribbing and complaints against others.

    Maam.. Glad to hear that AAP will be stopping the protests!!But, please do not focus on AAP’s victimization in your door to door campaigns!! People don’t listen to the woes of their own near and dear. Assuming that they are going to listen to AAP’s woes would be a gross miscalculation. Please limit the door to door campaigning on just the positives of AAP and what AAP can do if brought to power. It needs to be understood that the nation is basking in the success of Modi in recent elections and expecting the nation to listen to AAP’s moaning would be a miscalculation.To hell with the wrongs other parties are doing.We need AAP in power for at least an Year and then AAP can start unleashing governance reforms to make the establishment corruption free.Fact of the day is that people will only buy development dreams and no one has time and patience to lend an ear to cribbing and complaints against others.Hoping that this movement will not be allowed to Die..
  • Dear Admiral & Mrs Auditto thank you for your kind words !
    Dear Juzer ji thank you for your comment !
  • Thanks you Virender ji and Sravan ji for your comments. Indeed there is need for introspection in the party on our future course of action. I believe there is the need for a principled, constructive and fearless opposition in India, and that AAP can and should occupy that space. Your comments are very thoughtful – Thank You
  • फिर एक और गलती। १००००/- रुपये का बांड न भर कर जेल जाने का निर्णय एक और गलती है। किसी के भ्रष्ट्राचार को उजागर करना एक राजनीतिक विषय हो सकता है , किन्तु किसी के द्वारा किया गए डिफेमेशन के केस को कानूनी तरीके से लड़ना ही ज्यादा उपयुक्त है। लोकसभा चुनावों के बाद बदली हुई परिस्थितियों में तथा दिल्ली विधानसभा के चुनावों के लिए रणनीति बनाने के लिए चुनाव, होने चाहियें अथवा कांग्रेस की सपोर्ट से सरकार बनाने का प्रयत्न करना चाहिए इस पर बातचीत के लिए कार्यकर्ताओं की बैठक इन दिनों में बुलाना अपेक्षित था , परन्तु इन महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दों को नजरअंदाज करके जेल जाने का निर्णय औचित्य पूर्ण नहीं कहा जा सकता। जनता द्वारा इस कार्य को केवल एक “नौटंकी” कहा जा सकता है , इस बात का हमें एहसास होना चाहिए था। जरुरत है इस लड़ाई को प्रभाविक रूप से कानून के दायरे में लड़ कर जीता जाये ताकि जनता पर उसका सकारात्मक प्रभाव पड़ सके।

    सबसे अधिक जरुरत संगठन को मजबूत करने की है , ताकि इस तरह की परिस्थितियों में पीछे कोई काम नहीं रुके। कल शकुरबस्ती विधान सभा के कार्यकर्ताओं की एक सभा बिना किसी नोटिस के रद्द कर दी गयी क्योंकि श्री सत्येन्द्र जैन को शाम को जेल के बाहर प्रदर्शन के लिए जाना था। यह मीटिंग रद्द न करके शकुरबस्ती विधान सभा के पार्टी अध्यक्ष द्वारा जारी रखी जा सकती थी। शायद अब तीन दिनों के लिए तथाकथित रेफरेंडम स्तथगित रहेगा।

    एक और बात है ,जनता के बीच कोई भी बात रखते समय हमें शब्दों का चयन बहुत सावधानी से करना चाहिए। अभी केजरीवाल जी का एक कथन आया की हमें एहसास नहीं था की जनता हमारे निर्णय (सरकार छोड़ने का) गलत मतलब निकालेगी। अर्थात यहाँ भी हम यही कहना चाहते हैं की जनता की गलती है कि वो गलत मतलब निकाल रही है , हमारा निर्णय गलत नहीं था।

    आने वाले समय में जिन राज्यों में विधानसभाओं के चुनाव होने वाले हैं , हमें वहां ध्यान केंद्रित करना चाहिए।

    दिल्ली में किरारी क्षेत्र में लोकसभा चुनावों में आप को काफी बढ़त हासिल हुई है जबकि विधानसभा चुनावों में बी जे पी आगे थी। आर एस एस ने इस क्षेत्र को विश्लेषण के लिए चुना है की ऐसा क्यों हुआ। आप को भी इस क्षेत्र के लोगों के रुझान में इस परिवर्तन का विश्लेषण कर , आने वाले विधानसभा चुनावों के लिए अपनी रणनीति बनानी चाहिए।
  • अभी हॉल ही में चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान मैं वाराणसी गया था। केजरीवाल जी के रोड शो के दिन श्रीमती मीरा सान्याल जी से मुलाक़ात का अवसर मिला। बातचीत के मध्य मैंने उनसे कहा की पार्टी में एक विचारशील समूह (Think Tank) का गठन होना चाहिए जो हर अहम निर्णय से पहले किसी भी मुद्दे को गुणों दोषों के आधार पर विस्तृत विवेचन के साथ निर्णय लेने वाले समूह के समक्ष रखे। भूतकाल में जो गलतियां हुईं हैं उनको सुधारा जा सके और भविष्य में टाला जा सके इसके लिए मैंने उन्हें यह सुझाव दिया था।

    ध्यान देने योग्य बात यह है की यह बातचीत उस दिन हो रही थी जिस दिन केजरीवाल जी के रोड शो ने सबको आश्चर्यचकित कर दिया था परन्तु फिर भी मेरे मन मस्तिष्क में यह था कि केजरीवाल जी के चुनाव प्रचार में कही जा रही नकारात्मक बातें लोगों के गले में नहीं उतर रहीं और उसका उलटा प्रभाव हो रहा है। खैर इन सब मुद्दों पर पार्टी में चर्चा हो चुकी है और गलतिओं को समझा भी जा चूका है। परन्तु एक बहुत महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दा अभी सामने है जिस पर गहन सोच आवश्यक है। जो बयान अभी आ रहे हैं वह किसी सोच का परिचायक न होकर भावनात्मक रूप से दिए जा रहे हैं। यह मुद्दा है दिल्ली के विधानसभा चुनावों से सम्बंधित। मेरे मतानुसार इस मुद्दे पर निर्णय इन बातों पर सोच विचार (गुण-दोष) के बाद लेना चाहिए:

    1. पार्टी के पास चुनाव लड़ने के लिए पर्याप्त कोष नहीं है।
    2. कार्यकर्ताओं का होसला अपनी बुलंदी पर नहीं है। लगातार दो चुनाव वे लड़ चुके हैं।
    3. लोक सभा चुनाव परिणामों के अनुसार आम आदमी पार्टी को केवल १० विधान सभाई सीटों पर बढ़त हासिल हुई है, हम कैसे आकलन कर सकते हैं की हम अपनी सभी २७ सीटें दुबारा पा जायेंगे अथवा पूर्ण बहुमत के लिए ३६ सीटें प्राप्त कर लेंगें।
    4. बी जे पी का संभावित नारा रहेगा की केंद्र और प्रदेश में एक पार्टी की सरकार से दिल्ली के निवासियों को फायदा रहेगा और अधिक सुविधाएं और फंड दिल्ली को मिल पाएंगी, जिसका लोगों पर प्रभाव पड़ना स्वाभाविक है।
    5. जैसा की श्री बिन्नी ने श्रीमती किरण बेदी को दिल्ली का मुख्यमंत्री बनाने का सुझाव उछाल दिया है और जैसे श्रीमती बेदी ट्विटर पर मोदी जी का पक्ष लेती रहीं हैं , अगर बी जे पी ने श्रीमती किरण बेदी को मुख्यमंत्री के उम्मीदवार के रूप में चुनाव में उतार दिया तो क्या केजरीवाल जी अथवा आम आदमी पार्टी का कोई भी मुख्यमंत्री पद का दावेदार उनका मुकाबला कर पायेगा। लोगों के बीच में श्रीमती बेदी की छवि आज भी एक ईमानदार, कर्तव्यनिष्ठ एवं योग्य प्रशासक के रूप में विद्यमान है जिसे तोडना आसान नहीं है।
    6. आज की तारीख में दुबारा चुनाव के लिए अड़े रहने से पहले निम्न मुद्दों पर विचार होना चाहिए :

    अ. क्या आम आदमी पार्टी उच्चतम न्यायलय में दायर अपनी याचिका वापिस ले सकती है ?
    ब. क्या यदि कांग्रेस पूर्व की तरह बाहर से समर्थन देती है तो उपराज्य पाल के सामने सरकार बनाने का दवा पेश किया जा सकता है?
    स. क्या यह दावा उपराज्यपाल को मानना ही होगा या वह विवेकानुसार नए चुनाव का आदेश भी दे सकता है।
    द. दुबारा चुनाव न लड़ने और कांग्रेस के बाहरी समर्थन से सरकार बनाने के पक्ष में तथ्य :

    अ) यदि आम आदमी पार्टी सरकार बना कर अपने वायदे पूरा करती है और लोगों की भलाई के कार्य करती है, भ्रष्टाचार दूर करने में सफल हो जाती है तो लोगों में दुबारा विश्वास जमा पाएगी। लोग पुरानी गलतियों को भूल जायेंगे, नजरअंदाज कर देंगे।

    आ) इसका सीधा असर पूरे देश में जायेगा और जहाँ जहाँ राज्य सरकारों के चुनाव होने हैं वहां वहां इसका फायदा मिलने की संभावना रहेगी।

    इ) अगले लोक सभा चुनावों में पार्टी दूसरे नंबर पर रहने अथवा सरकार बनाने (बी जे पी की पर्फॉर्मन्स के अनुसार) का स्वपन देख सकती है।

    ई ) यदि दिल्ली में चुनाव होते है और बी जे पी की सरकार बनती है तो बाहर के राज्यों में भी आम आदमी पार्टी चुनावो में अपनी छवि/पर्फॉर्मन्स नहीं सुधार पाएगी।

    उ) दिल्ली चुनाव के लिए इतनी जल्दी पार्टी फंड्स कहाँ से लाएगी।

    अन्य विचारणीय प्रशन:

    • क्या दिल्ली छोड़ने , वाराणसी जाने , हारने के बाद फिर दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री पद पर श्री केजरीवाल जी द्वारा अपना दावा ज़माने को जनता नकार तो नहीं देगी?

    • क्या केजरीवाल जी को अखिल भारत में आम आदमी पार्टी की जड़ें जमाने का कार्य सौंप कर दिल्ली के चुनावों में किसी और चेहरे को मुख्यमंत्री पद के दावेदार के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया जा सकता है ?
  • AAP came up with lot of promise and hope and i see the perception of AAP in citizens of this country slowly transforming into hopelessness. I am still a believer in AAP and still hoping that AAP doesn’t die out prematurely.

    Hoping that AAP will take cognizance of the below few things during the days to come.

    1. Urgent need for Media Sanyas – Please avoid all opportunities of appearing on television for positive or negative matters. Take a break from social media too. It is really important to make people forget AAP for 15 days to a month. You will not get a better time to achieve this given that BJP has just emerged victorious and new cabinet swearing is round the corner. A sabbatical from Social media and Tele-Media is need of the hour for AAP. Please utilize this time for building the AAP organization and strategy for future.
    2. No More Dharna’s and Kranti’s – If Arvind chose judicial custody over Jail, that is his choice. Any impoverished Indian would do the same if he doesn’t want to Pay 10 the bail amount. My interpretation is that Bail vs. custody are choices provided by our judiciary and it is up to the individual to choose it. So, let us not make it a Kranti or sacrifice. This would help in staying away from Media again.
    3. People of this country are convinced that BJP/Modi Sarkar is good. You will not get any success in convincing the people that they are equally fatal as Congress. You have been successful in convincing that Congress is malignant for the country. It is time now to spend time on how AAP will be good for Delhi or other states. We have spent enough efforts on stating how others are bad. Lets gear up to start publicizing how good we are.
    4. People are really impatient for a positive change. So, AAP need to focus on how to drive a positive change rather than focusing on how others are contributing to negative change. It is a common sense that others weaknesses will ensure us only a temporary success. Sustained success can be obtained only out of one’s strengths.

    I am quite convinced that Media blackout is need of the hour for AAP. It is really important to wipe out old AAP memories from minds from people so that you can make space for new things.

    All the best,
  • Congratulations! We hope and pray that you will always do well and the country needs people like you. I am sure your father is smiling and happy with your success Bless You Warm Regards Rear Adm Arun Auditto and Ranjana Auditto
  • Irrespective of the number of votes you may have received, I would still give the idea of AAP more time. May be a decade to come good.
  • Next 100 Days

    Dear Narendrabhai ,

    You have talked your way to power – calling yourself , " Mazdoor # 1 "

    Now , it is time to " Walk the Talk "

    People of India have taught a lesson to the party which called you ,

    " Merchant of Death ( Maut Ka Saudaagar ) "

    They believe you to be " Merchant of Dreams ( Sapno Ka Saudaagar ) "

    Of course , no one expects any miracle to happen on the ground , in the next 100 days

    But the decisions that your Cabinet takes – and transparently communicates to the people – in the next 100 days , will tell them , whether your Government is any different than UPA-2

    Here are the decisions that people expect :

    • Appoint Central Lok Pal
    • Appoint ( where missing ) , Lok Ayuktas in BJP controlled States
    • Appoint Special Fast-Track Courts to try within 1 year , criminally-
      charged MPs / MLAs / Bureaucrats / Politicians / Businessmen

    • Introduce Amnesty Scheme , for monies invested in Infrastructure SPVs
    • Amend Personal Income Tax to Inverse Taxation Regime , where the
      incremental tax rates keep going DOWN in each higher slab
    • De-monetize Rs 1000 currency notes

    • Amend Corporate Tax Regime , with incrementally reducing tax-rates
      for Companies with higher employee-strength
    • Introduce " Accelerated Depreciation " for investment in Capital Assets.
      Capital Goods industry is the Mother of all industries
    • Focus on creating " Self-Employment " thru tax-breaks for self-employed
    • Low interest loans for self – employed
    • Industrialists / businessmen will not come forward to make huge
      investments in North-East , in absence of excellent infrastructure of
      roads / rails etc
    All private investments made here must be tax-free for 25 years

    • Today’s labour laws make it extremely difficult – if not impossible – for employers to layoff / retrench workmen , if demand shrinks
    • Employers are unlikely to hire thousands of youth , if they cannot easily trim the workforce , to match the shrinking demand
    • So , an important corollary of any Job Generation Scheme is to modify our existing Labour Laws to facilitate layoff / retrenchment , when situation so demands , while protecting the interests of the workmen concerned

    • What is responsible for keeping 28.7 Crores of Indians illiterate ( 37 % of World’s illiterate ) , 66 years after independence ?
    • Ans : Lack of educational infrastructure consisting of Schools / Colleges /
      Equipments / Qualified Teachers .. etc
    • Solution ?

    Push for E-education thru online delivery of subject-matter thru tablets


    Ask each concerned Minister , to publish within 100 days, on Ministry’s web site , PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PLANS , for the following :
    • Food Security Bill
    • Connecting 2.5 lakh panchayats thru broadband
    • Aakash Tablets for 220 million students
    • Delivery of Services Act
    • Aadhar Identification Card
    • Electoral Reforms / Right to Recall
    • CAG audit of Private Companies using Government resources
    • 4G Wireless Internet all over India
    • Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor
    • Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor
    • Natural Resources Allocation Policy
    • Political Party’s Funds under RTI scrutiny
    • Liberalization in FDI ( Entire economy – not just retail )
    • Government funding of Elections
    • Interlinking of Major Rivers
    • " India Post Bank " with 139,040 branches in Rural areas
    • Bank A/C for every adult by 2016
    • Divestment / Closure of loss-making / bleeding PSUs
    • Imparting skills to 500 million youth ( NSDC )
    • Sulabh Sauchalaya ( Remember "Sauchalay before Devalaya " ? )

    Dear Narendrabhai ,

    Do provide a ROAD-MAP ( with clearly defined mile-stones ) of how you intend to translate your DREAMS into REALITY

    with regards ,

    hemen parekh ( 17 May 2014 / Mumbai )
  • 48 hours to NaMo

    In another 48 hours , exit polls will become obsolete when election results start pouring in
    And as the sun rises in the sky on 16th May , usual games will play-out on TV channels
    In this game , the main players will be the leaders of BJP and its pre-poll allies

    All of these leaders will claim personal credit for BJP’s victory – without appearing to offend the Great NaMo !
    They will tell the TV anchors :
    There never was any doubt that we will win
    We had told you so , all along
    NaMo wave was unstoppable
    People were fed up of UPA’s failures
    This is the beginning of the end of the Dynasty Rule
    We will not be vindictive ( – except in case of RSVP ! )
    We gracefully accept the mandate given to us by people to bring in Good Governance
    People want Gujarat Model replicated all over India and we will do it
    This game will be played by leaders of Congress and its UPA allies

    They will try to hide their faces on TV channels ( – now I understand why police cover up the faces of alleged culprits ! )
    But if caught unaware by those intrepid roving journalists / cameramen , they will mumble in inaudible voices :

    We humbly accept the verdict of the people
    We honour their wishes ( though much against our wishes ! )
    We will play the role of a responsible opposition ( – but make no mistakes , at every small opportunity , we promise to disrupt the working of the Lok Sabha , better than what BJP ever managed )
    RSVP had nothing to do with our defeat
    Our Working Committee / Parliamentary Board will examine the reasons why people dumped us ( – and find some scapegoats ! )
    After all , we have been playing this game for over 65 years and know too well that you cannot fool all the people all the time !
    You win some , you lose some
    We will emerge stronger by 2019 "
    • AIM GAME
    This game will be played out by the Third Front political leaders whose only " Aim " was to remain " Relevant " in the Lok Sabha !

    These leaders will be saying :

    As a Third ( rate ? ) Front , we have emerged stronger
    So what , if we cannot form the Government ?
    We cannot even agree on who is our Prime Ministerial candidate !
    But can’t you see that we are M-powered ? ( Maya / Mamta / Mulayam ) – with 3 potential PMs ?
    As always , we will continue to provide NaMo , our " Issue – based " support ( – the only issues being , withdrawal of all scam-related cases / disproportionate assts cases / CBI investigations,
    etc , against our Behenji / Didiji / Netaji )
    And of course , grant of " Special Status " to W.Bengal / Bihar / UP / Tamil Nadu / Odisha / Seemandhra etc

    On 16th , switch on your TVs to witness the " Grand Finale " !
    • hemen parekh ( 14 May 2014 / Mumbai )
  • Best wishes from Janneke and Eduard in KL. We admired your profile in the FT and wish you success. Difficult for us to follow the politics from here, so please when you have time again, keep us posted. You find our contacts on Janneke’s facebook or on the Monash University webpage. Our admiration for your courage and for giving so much for the future of your country
  • The Die is cast

    With only 41 seats of Lok Sabha remaining to be voted upon tomorrow , the die is cast
    Outcome of those 41 seats is unlikely to make much of a difference to who will form the next Government at the Centre
    If BJP falls short of 272 seats , " Aya Ram , Gaya Ram " horse-trading will settle the issue
    But what will send a loud and clear message across India is ,
    " Who wins in Varanasi ? "
    It is no more a question of Congress vs BJP
    Or , a question of David vs Goliath
    It is no more a question of choosing between , lesser of the two evils
    Even if AAP has made a few honest mistakes and occasionally , compromised on lofty principles , for the first time , people of Varanasi have a choice
    To choose between the least of the THREE EVILS !
    There are no ABSOLUTE standards by which to judge political parties
    There are only RELATIVE standards – and , even these keep shifting
    If you think , some of the AAP members – and even , some of its leaders – are susceptible to making immoral compromises , you are entitled to your opinion – which is your right
    And Arvind Kejriwal would be the first person to defend your right
    Let us ask ourselves ,

    " Who is the Least Corrupt of the three ?
    Who do I deserve ?
    Who is likely to resign if he cannot fulfill his poll-promises ? "

    BJP came into power in Gujarat on 26 Dec 2012 , by promising :
    " If voted to power , we will construct 50 lakh houses for the poor in next 5 years "
    In the 500 days since BJP came to power , Gujarat Government should have built , and distributed , 13,69,863 homes
    To find the truth , file a RTI application – without expecting any answer !
    Of course , by 20th May , expect NaMo to resign as Gujarat CM
    Not for having failed to fulfill his promise to people of Gujarat
    But , to fulfill his poll-promise to people of India , that , if voted to power , BJP will construct 100 Mega-Cities in next 5 years
    That is one Chandigarh or Gandhi-Nagar , every 18 days !
    Hopefully , P C Sorkar ( jr ) will help out with a Mirage !
    • hemen parekh ( 11 May 2014 / Mumbai )
  • Marriage Season is upon Us !

    Election Commission will announce the results of Lok Sabha elections on 16th May

    And , declare open the Marriage Season

    Marriages of convenience – no doubt !

    Both , NDA and UPA will fall short of absolute majority , by 50 – 100 seats

    Floor Managers and Business Brokers will swing into action to weave a complex web of Mergers and Acquisitions ( M & A )

    Independent candidates will offer themselves for Rs 50 Crores

    ( Remember the movie , " Dulhaa Beekta Hain " ? )

    Party offices of smaller parties will carry the banners ,

    " Sale ! Sale ! "

    { Except that this is not , a " Going out of Business " sale

    It is a , " Getting into Business " sale ! },

    We are selling honesty , integrity , honour , conscience , morals , ethics , self-respect , party-name etc . You name it – we got it !

    Here are our going " Market Rates " :
    • For 10 seat support…………….. 2 seats of Minister of State
    • For 20 seat support …………… 2 seats of Cabinet Minister
    • For 30 seat support ………….. Minister of Industry + Minister of Trade "

    Yesterday’s sworn enemies ( who wanted to dispatch you to Pakistan or jump into Indian ocean ) , will suddenly become " Bosom Friends "

    " Enemy of enemy " will cease to be a friend

    " Friend of a Friend " who sells-out to opposition , will become an enemy !

    Like the annual ritual of the Jain Community ( Kshamapana ), saleable Dulhaas , will beg Kshamaa ( forgiveness ) of everyone they abused during the past one year

    They are chanting :
    • Let us forget the insults and forgive each other
    • Let us not be vindictive and let loose the " Caged Parrot " / ED etc
    • Let us work as a team to quadruple our assets ala Jamaai-Raja
    • Let us reward the people who voted us to power , with “Broken Promises”
    • Let the " Winter-of-Conflict " be over on 12th May
    • Let the " Summer -of – Swindle " begin on 16th May


    Is it any surprise that the " Greatest Circus on the Earth " is followed by the " Weirdest Horse-trading on the Earth " ?

    And even if you don’t like horses , don’t insult other animals such as Dogs , Monkeys , Rats , Elephants etc , by naming this trade after them !

    You are damned if you vote : damned if you don’t ! hemen parekh ( 04 May 2014 / Mumbai )
  • What would they name it ?

    Mahatma Gandhi named his autobiography ,

    " My Experiments with Truth "

    If some of our politicians were to author their own biography ( – even if actually written by ghost writers ) , what would they name it ?

    Here is my guess :

    > Man Mohan Singh…………… In Search of Silence

    > Sonia Gandhi……………….. The Guns are Booming

    > Robert Vadra ( Kin-politico ).. From landless to landlord in 40 days

    > Suresh Kalmadi………………. The Game Theory

    > Pawan Bansal ……………….. Toofaan Mail

    > Shriprakash Jaiswal…………. The Dark Matter Underground

    > Ashwini Kumar……………….. Superior to Supreme

    > Kapil Sibal…………………….. Two-timing Lawyer

    > P Chidambaram……………… Re-Count to Re-Instate

    > Kamal Nath …………………. A Road Less Travelled

    > Prafulla Patel………………… Gone with the Wind

    > A Raja……………………….. Last Come , First Served

    > Dayanidhi Maran…………….. Quid- pro- Quo

    > Kanimozi……………………… Father Knows Best

    > Jayalalithaa…………………… Heaven – for those who touch my feet

    > Mamta Banerjee……………. The Triumph of the Lawless

    > Narendra Modi………………… Gujarat – that is India

    > Arvind Kejriwal……………….. AK-49 and lesser Weapons

    Feel free to add to the list

    In case they decide to come out with their biographies , one thing is certain

    Royalty percentage will need to be the same – or more – than the percentages that they are used to get so far !

    And , the branding rights will be sold separately !

    What with the way current Lok Sabha elections are going , most of these Netas will have plenty of time on hand to pen their travails !

    Don’t miss the next year’s Jaipur Literary Festival
    • hemen parekh ( 30 April 2014 / Mumbai )
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